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Armenian Apocrypha Relating to Abraham by Michael E. Stone

By Michael E. Stone

This quantity introduces a cycle of reports approximately Abraham as preserved in fifteen unpublished, overdue medieval manuscripts in Armenian, released right here in English for the 1st time with commentaries, annotations, and significant gear. The texts current embroidered Abraham tales facing his formative years, his existence in Egypt, the binding of Isaac, the tale of Melchizedek, and different stories. Embedding Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and different historical traditions, those texts exhibit mutual borrowing and impact over centuries.

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The resurrection of the calf occurs in texts no. 29 in connection with the meal of the Three Men. Its implications for the Binding of Isaac are not taken up in the Abraham saga texts. It is an old tradition, see note 95 on text no. 29. 85. The tree’s name, Sabek, is mentioned here and in texts nos. 45. See also the introduction to text no. 4 and note on text no. 22. 86. Observe the clear typology here laid forth. 87. The names are not found in the Abraham saga texts. 88. On the Ten Trials, see below, texts nos.

20. 21. 22. 23. 5. Gen 12:4. This date is common to all texts. That is, from the Tower of Babel. Gen 21:5. Gen 25:26. Exod 7:7. 34 ARMENIAN APOCRYPHA: RELATING TO ABRAHAM ﬕնչեւ ի ԺԹ աﬓ Կախաթու, ի մահուանէն Յակովբայ զմահն24 Մովսէսի են ամք ՄԼԳ. Ղեւի ամաց ԽԵ ծնաւ զԿախաթ ի Կախաթամա, եւ եկեաց առ նովաւ ամք Ձ ﬕնչեւ ի ԼԱ աﬓ Ամրամա։ Կախաթ ամաց ԿԴ. ծնաւ զԱմրան Յոքոբեդա. ամք ՃԼԵ. Ամրան ամաց ՀԵ ծնաւ զՄովսէս, Յոքոբեդնաէ դստերէ հաւր եղբաւր իւրոյ, եւ [եկեա]ց առ նովաւ ամս ԿԲ. ﬕնչեւ ԿԲ աﬓ Մովսէսի, ի սորա. Ձ աﬕն յելքն յԵգիպտոսէ։ Յաւետեաց Աբրահամու ﬕնչեւ ցելսն ամք ՆԼ.

6). 5-6). 6). 9). 5). 5. The invention of the seed plough is not mentioned (2, 4, 8, 15). 6. 7). 7. The temple’s deity is not specified (all texts). 8. 7). 66 Text nos. 2 and 15 are full stories, though text no. 15 concludes this episode after the burning of the temple, when Abraham’s family is angered at him and he flees and ends up in Egypt; text no. 4 is brief, while text no. 6 is brief and poetic: 1. Concerning the flocks of crows in the fields, Who mentioned God on high and the ravens fled.

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