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Selections from Political Writings 1910-1920 by Antonio Gramsci

By Antonio Gramsci

Manhattan. 1977. overseas Publ. 21x14. 393p.

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Abo\·e all. man is mind. e. he is a product of history. not nature. Otherwise how could one explain the fc•ct. gh'CO that there have •dw;,ys been exploiters and exploited. creators of wealth and its selfish consumers. that socialism has not yet come into being? The fact is that only by degrees, one stage at a time, has humanity acquired consciousness of its own value and won for itself the right to throw off the patterrv; of organization imposed on it by minorities at a previous period in history.

On 18 July the Right Hon. " As a result or these struggles. which are rapidly summarized here through pressure or time. the textile workers created their solid class organization. Now they are conrronting their bosses once again. And we are sure that once again it will be the bosses who bite the dust. Signed A. ,l/Gridodel Popolo, 9 December 1916. 8. MEN OR MACHINES? •• Comrade Zini's observations ("There is still a conflict between the humanistic and vocational currents over the issue of popular education: we must endeavour to reconcile these currents.

The like of which we see before our eyes today. exhibited most fully in the popular lJniversities of the lowest order. The Englightenment was a magnificent revolution in itself and. nory of Ira/ian Literature. it gave all Europe a bourgeois spiritual International in the form of a unified consciousness, one which was sensiti\'e to all the woes and misfortunes of the common people and which was the hcst possible preparation for the bloody revolt that followed in france. In Italy. france and Germany, the same topics.

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