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Another Place to Die by Sam North

By Sam North

One other position to Die is a vibrant account of people stuck up in a global flu pandemic. Set in Vancouver, Canada, this can be a terrifying and sensible state of affairs of individuals dealing with the horror of a killer virus that may kill thousands. every thing your executive acknowledged could defend you is a lie. choose. break out to a secure position or tricky it out. As martial legislation is asserted and squaddies have orders to shoot an individual breaking curfew, general existence starts off to collapse. Mass burial pits are being dug. everyone seems to be fearful of one another. The Pandemic is coming. the place will you pass? the place precisely is secure? one other position To Die is a necessary survival handbook everybody may still learn.

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What else? But then again she recalled how just the night before she’d actually prayed, got down on her knees and prayed for the first time since confirmation, years ago, for God to send Arno to her and let her live out her life with him. She’d felt embarrassed doing it. Her mother would have slapped her. ‘Never pray for anything for yourself,’ she’d say. ’ But not one of her prayers had ever come true as far as Rachel could ever tell. But then again knowing her Ma she might have prayed for everyone else to be as miserable as her.

The Russian turned the needle, then brought the candle very close, warming it, abruptly giving the candle to Ben to hold. ‘Mrs Tooley, when I take the needle out of your heart I’m drawing out all the pain in your body. Every last pain. All your troubles and fears will go and you’ll be able to walk home with Ben. ’ She blinked again. ‘On a count of three. ’ Ben was shaking with fear and dread. ’ He could barely speak. ‘Two... ’ The Russian pulled out the needle and just as quickly slapped a plaster over the little hole to stop the blood, which spurted from the puncture wound.

Everyone always assumes every plague is bubonic, but it could have been this virus. Then, as now, coming from Asia on infested ships. People went mad, Deka. Some spent all their money on parties and week long orgies. No one obeyed laws because no one expected to outlive it or to be brought to justice if they did. All this we can expect. And more. ’ The Russian moved to a cupboard on the wall and took out a key from his pocket. ‘I’ve got something for you my, South African friend. It won’t cure you, but it will make it easier, help you fight it.

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