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Analyse combinatoire, tome 2 by Louis Comtet

By Louis Comtet

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And you’re going to have to keep your fingers from getting injured or tired so that at the piano, with just these fingers, in just the time you’re going to have to learn to keep, over the course of bringing out from ways in which the hands will be moving through the work of placing, of leaving, of settling again, in a new place, on these keys, bringing them to simultaneously sounding a chord. Not any old combinations of tuneful soundings. In any case you’re going to be chained to that course of bringing out as the coherent matter embodiedly needed.

Instead we are offering a reexamination of the coherent looks of witnessable things. Our Dissatisfactions with the Gestalt Discoveries The functional significations and their accord described as ‘contexture’ were faithful to the gestalt experiments. Nevertheless, they were based on line drawings. 28 Orders of Ordinary Action Gurwitsch was a mathematician as well as a phenomenologist. He had experience in the labs of the gestalt experimenters (and, I think, the clinics of Gelb and Goldstein), but he was faithful to his teachers, his mentors, his fellow students, his companions, and first of all to his teacher, Edmund Husserl.

Two anything that suits me for the while since I’m showing them to make a point, so we’ll see? Two eyes staring up from the page? 3]. Oh, yeah. I don’t like to draw spectacles; it spoils my art. 3 Contexture of two dots don’t infer the spectacles. You see the eyes, each, an eye to the left; and an eye to the right; on the page; to the left of the left hand eye is the page that extends indefinitely to the left; to the right of the right hand eye is the page that extends indefinitely to the right; an interval separates them … Each of these is witnessable as the witnessable properties whose mutual bearing displays the coherent thing – the spectacled eyes looking up from the page – that incorporates the pencilled dots as well.

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