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Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto by Lesley Hazleton

By Lesley Hazleton

A extensively favourite author on faith celebrates agnosticism because the such a lot vivid, engaging—and finally the main honest—stance towards the mysteries of existence.

One in 4 american citizens reject any association with prepared faith, and approximately half these lower than thirty describe themselves as "spiritual yet no longer religious." yet because the airwaves resound with the haranguing of preachers and pundits, who speaks for the hundreds of thousands who locate no pleasure in whittling the sweetness of lifestyles to an easy yes/no choice?

Lesley Hazleton does. during this provocative, awesome e-book, she offers voice to the case for agnosticism, breaks it freed from its stereotypes as watered-down atheism or amorphous "seeking," and celebrates it as a reasoned, revealing, and maintaining stance towards lifestyles. Stepping over the traces imposed by means of inflexible conviction, she attracts on philosophy, theology, psychology, technological know-how, and extra to discover, with interest and fervour, the very important position of puzzle in a deceptively information-rich international; to invite what we suggest by way of the quest for which means; to invoke the humbling but elating standpoint of infinity; to problem got principles approximately loss of life; and to re-examine what "the soul" may be. encouraged and encouraging, Agnostic recasts the query of trust no longer as an issue to be solved yet as a call for participation to an ongoing, open-ended experience of the brain.

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E. Housman THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Skeptics and True Believers is not that Skeptics believe what is sensible and obvious, while True Believers accept what is fanciful and far-fetched. Often, it is the other way around. Scientific concepts can be extraordinarily bizarre, as strange to our notion of what is a proper landscape as are the mountainous frozen oceans and sulfur fountains of Jupiter's moons. By contrast, the True Believer's world has a touching familiarity— the kindly, gray-bearded God who reaches out to touch Adam's fingertip on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, for example, or those pop-eyed little extraterrestrials who step from flying saucers.

No, if you are a True Believer. The person with True Belief in the shroud's authenticity will dismiss any evidence to the contrary. In fact, carbon dating of the Turin shroud seems only to have enhanced its reputation as the winding sheet of Christ. ) Since the test results were announced, many attempts have been made to explain them away. According to one critic, a burst of neutrons from the body of the risen Christ created extra carbon-14 nuclei, making the cloth appear younger than it actually is.

If the whole of the red knot's complement of DNA were shown at the scale of the model, it wouldn't fit within the entire museum. Nevertheless, I stand in front of this partial strand, gape-jawed at the beauty, at the simplicity—a simplicity out of which emerges the astonishing diversity and awesome complexity of life. What I feel as I stand before the model cannot be adequately put into words. Call it reverence, awe, praise—in short, the full range of religious feeling. Nothing I learned during my religious training is more wondrous to me than the flight of the juvenile red knot from northern Canada to Tierra del Fuego, a journey whose map is contained in the red knot's DNA.

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