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A Cultural History of Gesture: From Antiquity to the Present by ed. Jan Bremmer and Herman Roodenburg, introduction by Keith

By ed. Jan Bremmer and Herman Roodenburg, introduction by Keith Thomas

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39 For the display of virility in an acephalous society see A. Blok, 'Rams and billy-goats: a key to the Mediterranean code of honour', Man, 16 (1981), pp. 427-40. Sarakatsani: Campbell, Honour, Family and Patronage, p. 279. -P. Vcrnant, La mort dans lcs yeux (Paris, 1985), pp. 39-40; add Euripides, Heracles 163. 40 O n Clement, John, and Christian deportment, see now Peter Brown, The Body and Society (New York, 19SS), pp. 122-39 and 305-22, respectively. 41 Erasmus: the best study of Erasmus's treatise is H.

Here men have other gestures at their disposal to show their affection. I hope these marginal notes, which could be expanded at length, suffice to show that gestures of greeting are ethnographically complex phenomena. Decontextualized descriptions of bare physical movement yield caricatures of gestures. The stereotype of the excessively gesticulating Spaniard, linked to his spontaneous, emotional, quick-tempered and high-spirited dis p osition, looms large in the accounts so far discussed. " This clichi should be seen in H e n k Driessen relation t o Western attitudes towards gesticulation.

Masturbation: K. J. Dover, Creek Homosexuality (London, 1978), pp. 96-7. 36 For sitting and prostration in cross-cultural perspective see also the interesting study by R. Firth, 'Postures and gestures of respect', in Echanges et communications. Melanges Claude Livi-Strauss (2 vols, The Hague and Paris, 1970), vol. 1, pp. 188-209. 37 Slaves: N. Himmelman,Arcl~aologischeszum Problem der griecl7iscl9en Sklaverei (Mainz, 1971); C. BCrard, 'PCnalitP et religion i Athknes: un tkmoignage de I'imagerie', Revue Arcl7Pologique (1982), pp.

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