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A Christmas Carol 2: The Wedding of Ebenezer Scrooge by Anne Moore

By Anne Moore

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Why, Uncle Scrooge,’ said Deborah. ‘If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. ’ She stopped, before she said too much, and Fred chuckled nervously at what she had said so far. But Scrooge wasn't offended. 'Yes,’ he admitted. ' Deborah declared that since Fred had invited every bachelor and widower in the office to join them for lunch, one more lame duck would make no difference. Billy was therefore brought in, introduced to Mrs Weatherby, a motherly woman who was the household's cook, and deposited out of sight in the kitchens.

Com/spellcaster Part One CHAPTER 1 Scrooge woke up, turned over, and groaned. He felt hot and uncomfortable, and his forehead was damp with sweat. He was aware that he had been having vivid dreams, and not at all pleasant dreams either—nightmares almost. Fortunately he couldn't remember the details. Just that he had met his old business partner again. And Marley was long since dead. Seven years dead, to be precise. Scrooge pushed back the covers and immediately felt cooler. Then he pulled aside the heavy curtain which surrounded his bed and glanced towards the window.

Perhaps today would be her first serious experience of receiving guests. ' 'Yes, sir, he's in the dining-room with the mistress, checking the arrangements. ' 'Thank you, but your master knows me. ' Scrooge stepped inside and turned towards the dining-room. The maid did not like this at all. She was supposed to show guests into the drawing-room, upstairs, and here was one popping into somewhere quite different without even taking his coat off. Scrooge noticed the girl's almost tearful distress and smiled at her reassuringly.

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