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A Brief History of Mexico, 4th Edition by Lynn V. Foster

By Lynn V. Foster

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Many believe records were kept, but on perishable bark paper rather than stone. Because there is 31 A Brief History of Mexico no written record from this period, the language, and ethnic identity, of the Teotihuacanos is unknown. e. Teotihuacán’s elite lost control. The sacred center of the city was burned and sacked and never again occupied. The city never recovered its farflung trade or prestige. Archaeologists remain uncertain as to whether the populace rose up in rebellion against oppressive ruling powers or whether other city-states, competing for the lucrative trade of Teotihuacán, invaded the city.

Amid such internal stresses and ill omens, the Spaniards appeared along the Gulf coast of Moctezuma’s empire. Their arrival, like that of Juan de Grijalva’s expedition the previous year, brought all the evil portents to a climax.  . Blessed be God who gave them such grace and power. Francisco López de Gómara, 16th century The conquistadores off the coast of Moctezuma’s empire were the product of a country that had the greatest war machine in all of Europe. For several centuries Spain had fought to rid itself of the Moorish infidels.

Reconstructed a natural salt mound into an immense plateau, 3,000 feet long and almost 2,000 feet wide. On top were 200 earthen mounds for residences and ceremonial buildings and an elaborate drainage system connecting artificial ponds. ), the local population, numbering 18,000, constructed a great pyramid, 100 feet high. 5 × 20 feet), stone mosaics, and colored clays, 3,022 pieces of precious polished jade and, in one burial alone, 1,000 tons of serpentine stone imported from the Pacific coast!

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