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129 Xe Relaxation and Rabi Oscillations by Mark E. Limes

By Mark E. Limes

This thesis describes longitudinal nuclear leisure measurements of reliable 129Xe close to seventy seven ok with formerly unimaginable reproducibility, and demonstrates alterations in leisure, established upon the best way the forged is condensed. those effects are without delay acceptable to the new release and garage of huge amounts of hyperpolarized 129Xe for numerous functions, reminiscent of lung magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The thesis encompasses a refined theoretical method of those information units, together with adjustments to a well-established Raman-phonon scattering idea that could clarify the bigger scatter in and discrepancies with past work.

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53) Note that j0 (x) = (sin x)/x is simply a sinc function. The double sum over the 12 nearest neighbors β and δ leads to 144 pairs of βδ. 1. For pairs in a set m , the result of the angular integrals in Eq. 54) Jm (u) = 1+j0 (uσm φD )−2j0 (uφD ). √ Here, φD = kD R0 = (6π 2 2)1/3 can be related to the phase advance over the nearestneighbor distance R0 for a phonon with Debye wave number kD . 55) where a 3 defines the volume of any cubic cell [96]. In addition to the sum over nearest-neighbor atoms and phonon states, as well as the integrals over phononic energy and phonon wave-vector direction, an averaging over crystal orientation and averaging over phonon occupation numbers in thermal equilibrium are applied to Eq.

An attempt to vary the grain size by introducing helium or krypton into the cell along with xenon is also presented. The krypton-containing cell has T1 = 510 h, much longer than the nonexponential decay of the helium-containing cell of T1 = 260 h. From this, the Kr-Xe cell is thought to make larger grain sizes than the He-Xe cell. 2 K by Lang et al. from Ottawa, Canada was published in 2002 [89]. The Ottawa group was unable to attain the long T1 results produced by the Princeton group. The results presented are very inconsistent within themselves, but the paper does reinforce how crystal formation has a tremendous effect on the 129 Xe relaxation times.

4) × 10−8 per amagat. 2) Torrey admits this calculation is probably fortuitous, and if one considers the orderσ av(exp) , the theory leads of-magnitude discrepancy between σ av(Torrey) and to a two-orders-of-magnitude discrepancy in the theoretical T1 compared to the experimental T1 . Hunt and Carr use an experimental value for σav in Torrey’s theory (instead of Torrey’s theoretical σav ) and calculate a longitudinal relaxation time that is slightly greater than twice the experimental value for liquid xenon.

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