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100 Things You Will Never Do: And How to Achieve the by Daniel Smith

By Daniel Smith

Ever fancied traveling via time? Taming a lion? profitable a Nobel Prize? good, here's tips on how to try out all that and extra. Daniel Smith—author of a hundred locations you'll by no means Visit—takes you on an exciting trip via a hundred belongings you will (probably) by no means get the opportunity to do.

Offering information and suggestion on issues that you could be by no means be wealthy sufficient to do (buy your individual island, drink a bottle of 1787 Château Lafite, personal a Shakespeare first folio); belongings you may perhaps by no means be courageous sufficient to attempt (bullfight, base bounce from the Burj Khalifa, attraction a snake); issues you'll with a bit of luck by no means need to do (escape from Alcatraz, land a 747, play Russian roulette); or even the downright absurd (being in locations right away, making gold, turning into invisible),100 stuff you won't ever Do provides you with a glimpse of your limitless potential.

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